Focus In Deeply to Discern the Hidden Messages in Your Emotions

This Exercise Uses the Following Wisdom Skills

Stub only: Focusing
Intro written: Enhance All of Life with Inner Silence
Stub only: Intuition
Intro written: Emotional Balance
Stub only: Change Your Consciousness While Active
Stub only: Best if Practiced Many Times

Exercise Details

Duration = 11 minutes.
Difficulty = 50/100.

Use This Exercise:

  1. When you're controlled by a single feeling, such as fear, even though you have lots of other feelings about this the situation.
  2. When your emotions stop you from ever handling important tasks or dealing with difficult relationships and other emotionally charged situations.
  3. When you're feeling uncomfortable (e.g., disempowered or lonely), and you're not really sure how to respond to whatever these emotions are trying to tell you.
Image courtesy of: Vern Hart, USA || Original Image || Flickr profile || Twitter