Joyful Wisdom Community Links

Joyful Wisdom Community Links

(Some of the links on this page are broken, and since we've changed our organization's name, out-of-date names show up in our various sites. They will be fixed as time permits.)

The Joyful Wisdom Community Site

I first created this page when giving a talk about what we do. The summary of the talk is that in our groups, we have a standard program that makes everyone feel better—however they were feeling when they came. I threw together this relatively ugly page for that single purpose.

In my talk, didn't want to give the impression that I was simply trying to recruit my listeners, so I created this page to provide all the information they would need to create their own Joyful Wisdom Groups. You don't need to belong to anything—or even to contact me—to use this information.

If you didn't hear my talk, you won't know why we have this organization. The Joyful Wisdom Community Site provides testimonials and descriptions. Most of the links on this page connect you to pages on that site. If you want to know why we do what we do, go there.

This page (along with all my other pages on all my other sites) is a work in progress. I will keep this page as a links page, even as I put a little more information on it, more pictures, more links

The Contact Page

Use the Joyful Wisdom Community Contact Form to:

The Five Parts in a Joyful Wisdom Community Meeting

The following is a complete outline of the work that we do. The links provide detailed recipes for each of the methods. My group members keep coming every week because attending consistently feels good. One group has been doing this for six years, and the other has been together for three and a half years.

If you want to try it, you can use these links to learn the system and use the system with friends, or you can visit one of our groups as a guest. You can also simply request a Chrysalis experience by using the Contact Form.

1. The Check-In: Most people like to informally say, "Hello" before diving into the main program. The leader should be cognizant of the passage of time. Chit-chat should be avoided, general check-ins should not be monopolized and should be kept to less than five minutes.

2. The Topic: We have three kinds of topics:

3. The Heart Chakra Meditation: is done before the Chrysalis to set the tone of the meeting. It's a great opportunity to share the responsibility. Find a volunteer who will always do this meditation. Alternatively, ask the group to take turns.

There is no right or wrong way to do a Heart Chakra Meditation. The volunteer who looks after this process may abandon the recommended methods altogether—so long as everyone feels comfortable and it sets the tone effectively.

4. The Chrysalis: Please learn the format before making variations on it. This format has been tested for several decades, and it is very powerful. However, some of the elements are optional. While ringing a chime is ideal, some leaders do not because it startles their cat too much.

If you're a leader in a group that is associated with the Joyful Wisdom Community, we hope to establish a once-a-month leader's group. How that will work into your regular schedule will need to be discussed.

5. The Acknowledgement Round is a very short step, but it's one that empowers everyone that's there.

6. Conscious Evolution or Boosting: This app will teach you the basics of Conscious Evolution. I suggest that you use the app and develop a personal practice that you do regularly. It's also one of the steps that you can invite a volunteer to take on as a regular contribution to the group.

This app is slightly out-of-date, but it's the procedure we followed for a long time. To find the version of Boosting that works best with a group, click the "Mastery" button at the top of the page, and on the next page that appears, click the "Transpersonal Boosting" button.

Apps and Trance Downloads

Our Apps Page provides links to five meditation apps, as well as the Conscious Evolution app. It also provides links to half a dozen trance downloads that will eventually be replaced by apps.

Please be aware that the six apps and the six trance downloads are part of the larger Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum which will contain 325 or more apps. This curriculum, when it is programmed, will be open-source, but the methods of open-sourcing the material will leave some control in the hands of the Joyful Wisdom Community, which will own the copyright to the curriculum.

My vision for how this might appear is in the mystery story called The Case of the Missing Sister. I've created a navigation system that illustrates how the Joyful Wisdom Journey will fit together. You'll notice that while this page allows you to navigate to all 325 planned apps, none of them are linked to our existing apps. That's because I'm still teaching myself how to program apps, and when I have done so, I'll set them all up to be stored in the same database as this navigation system. Until then, this navigation system illustrates how the apps will be linked together. Note that there are pages for all 325 apps, plus pages for 425 categories that you navigate to find the app you want.